Thinking: The Basics of Brand + Customer Relationships

Our Mission is to create ideas that sell your product, services or causes the best. With any idea we come up with, we're always thinking about the relationship. Below are some basic things that we consider and that you might think about when it comes to consumer relationships.

So why do we believe relationships are important to your company?

All brands started with an idea for a product or service. The product/service then turns into an opportunity to make money. The opportunity to make money turns into “I need someone to buy what I’m selling.” Then the question arises who do I know that would buy from me? And the answer usually becomes family, friends of family, former coworkers or acquaintances, etc.

Why are these usually your first customers?

You’ve built a relationship. This first group of people chose to listen to you because they trust you. They’ve seen you work your idea for months. Or they’ve seen your results in a particular service for a few years. They’ve observed your attitude. Seen your passion and are willing to give you a shot. These start-ups are executing the most basic of marketing. Something that we call intro-connecting. By the way, every company has similar beginnings.

So what are we really saying?

Your product or service becomes a part of people’s lives. So think about it? Who do you want in your life? In that same line of thought, what brands do you want in your life? You want brands that you can trust. You want them to provide a benefit to your life. You want to build a consumer relationship.

This thought, hopefully, begins to open up how your brand is speaking to consumers and ultimately building a lasting relationship. Here are five quick tips to begin the process:

1. Understand who your customer is. – “You like people who get you.”

2. Be where your customers are. – “You feel comfortable with people from your neighborhood.”

3. Deliver what you say you’re going to deliver. – “You don’t want skitzo friends in your life.”

4. Listen – “If you don’t provide attention, your friends will leave you”

5. Improve – “Everyone is changing. Don’t be afraid to change in order to keep your friends. Or go find new ones.”

The really good brands do these things like clockwork and understand the importance of maintaining close and strong relationships with their core consumers. Of course, in many instances, when brands want to amp up their relationships they hire professionals, internally and/or externally, to maintain consistent connections.

So is your brand becoming stagnant? Are you losing your foothold with your consumer? Well think about your relationship. It might be time for a professional to examine it.

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